Exterior Painting

G.Hunter Painting is ready and available for even the most challenging exterior painting jobs. Throughout the years we have learned many lessons through a variety of tasks and projects we’ve been involved with. Our experience and sound knowledge of advanced painting technology can be put to work on your exterior painting projects.  We have encountered nearly every working condition through our time, and can confidently deal with every scenario to ensure our quality work stands the test of time, whatever weather Kelowna throws our way.

Inspiring Your Next Project


G.Hunter Painting

Are you starting to shop around and get some ideas about your next project? It’s a great idea to plan colours for your home or office well ahead of time. We recommend getting some inspiration by taking a drive or stroll around your neighbourhood, noting some colour schemes that might appeal to your personal style. What colour combinations are you looking for? Taking in to account the design of your home or commercial building, do you believe similar paint colours are appropriate for your next project?

Once you have decided on a few colour combinations, your very next step will be to look at the buildings on either side of yours. Carefully consider each of the choices you have made and decide which ones would look best in between those houses or offices. You don’t want to paint your building in colours that are too similar, or the same as your neighbours, but you also don’t want to have the only neon yellow house in among the earth tones surrounding you. Your house should be different, but still fit into the neighborhood.

If you are still unsure of how your choices would look on the exterior of your house, you can upload a picture of your home to one of the many paint colour software programs that are available online and try out different combinations. This way, you get to preview the finished product  before you get started. You may even find a colour that appeals to you, that you previously didn’t consider.

Hiring a colour consultant before you hire a painter, for a professional opinion, is another option that is available. If you aren’t great with colour, find someone who is. You will be a lot happier when you try to sell your home if the choice you make is one that has a wide appeal. It’s the first impression people have of your house and it’s also the first thing you look at each time you arrive at home.