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Residential house painting in Kelowna.
Residential house painting in Kelowna.

Most Kelowna homeowners already know what a team of painters can do for the look of a tired, old room. There really isn’t a more economical home improvement project that will have as much of a visual impact as painting. While it improves the aesthetics, it can also protect building materials from harmful elements. To truly get the most out of a new paint project, whether it’s inside or out, you’ll need the right paint for the task and it will need to be applied properly. Hiring a professional home painter is a step in the right direction to getting the kind of dramatic results you want in the amount of time you need….read more on residential painting in Kelowna.



Commercial painting services in Kelowna
Commercial painting services in Kelowna.

G Hunter Painting  is available for any type of commercial painting job. Equipped to deal with the largest scale projects in an efficient manner, Gary and his team can deliver your next project on time and on budget…read more on commercial painting services in Kelowna.





If you are considering painting the interior of your home or office and are unsure whether you do it yourself, or hire a

Interior painting services in Kelowna.
Interior painting services in Kelowna.

professional interior painter in Kelowna, consider the following. It can take several weeks to complete an interior painting job.
Of course, the length of time would largely depend on the size of your home or office, and how many coats of paint are required for the project…read more on painting your interior in Kelowna.





G.Hunter Painting is ready and available for even the most challenging exterior painting jobs.  Throughout the years Gar has


learned many lessons through a variety of tasks and projects we’ve been involved with.Our experience and sound knowledge of advanced painting technology can be put to work on your exterior painting projects.  We have encountered nearly every working condition through our time, and can confidently deal with every scenario to ensure our quality work stands the test of time, whatever weather Kelowna throws our way…read more on Exterior painting services in Kelowna.




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